Won't boot to pretty much anything

I have a 2010 MacBook Pro that worked perfectly fine, until today where it decided to randomly shut off and restart. It would get about 3/4 of the way in the progress bar, restart, and the cycle repeats itself - until you force the computer to shut down.

Obviously I tried other methods of getting it to boot or even to allow me to reinstall the OS. Safe Mode - froze. Recovery mode - froze. Internet recovery - froze (somehow). Holding down the D key (for diagnostics) takes me to the internet recovery globe and not long after gives me -3403D. Even a bootable USB drive with the OS installer on it - froze. Startup manager and single-user mode still works.

Considering it also froze on Internet recovery and the bootable drive, it’s not a problem with my drive. Especially since the fsck command I tried on single-user mode mentioned the drive was fine.

Does anyone know what’s causing this and, if possible, how to fix it? Thanks.

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I literally just reseated the RAM, mashed the caps lock key (as if that would help) and all of a sudden it works fine.

…Perhaps try that?


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