A1706 / EMC 3071—Released in November 2016, this 13" Macbook Pro introduces the OLED Touch Bar. Features a dual-core "Skylake" Intel Core i5 CPU and four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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Why is the right fan running at full speed after replacing battery.

I replaced the battery in my MacBook Pro 13” Touch Bar Late 2016 using the iFixit battery replacement kit. After the battery was replaced, the right fan started running at full speed (approx. 8600 rpm). I rechecked all of the connections inside the computer including the touch bar connection as suggested, and the fan still continues to run. I downloaded two different fan control software applications, and am unable to control the fan speed. When I checked the computer’s hardware using the Apple hardware diagnostic application, it reported a reference code PPF004, indicating that there may be problems with the fan. I would appreciate any recommendations that you may have.

Update (10/22/2020)

Any new ideas regarding my fan problems?

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PPF004 - is a fan error

Inspect the fans ribbon cable for damage, the Tach logic is not communicating to the logic board or the fan its self is damaged.


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I will inspect the ribbon cables from the fans although I did not touch them during the installation of the batteries. Could the problem be related to anything other than damaged cables?


Did you follow the guide to the letter? MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar Late 2016 Battery Replacement


I sure did, and i didn't touch anything having to do with the fans or the ribbon cables. I am wondering if the non-apple batteries provided in the repair kit are causing this issue.


@stevendbotts - The PPF004 error is exclusive to your fan, the battery has no bearing here. If you followed the guide you do remove the logic board which requires disconnecting the fans.


Hi Dan, after receiving your comment, I was in doubt, so I completely disassembled my computer once again. I removed the logic board, and confirmed that the fans don't require disconnection. I checked the connections on both fans and confirmed they were connected properly. I have a MacBook Pro late 2016 with the touch bar and retina display. When I assembled the computer and powered it up, I had the same issue with the right fan running full speed. Do you have any other ideas?





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