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Dropped iPhone in water, Phone died, Won't charge

So I dropped my phone in a pool last night and it worked on my way home until it died. I tried charging it last night but got the water in lightning port thing so I just thought I’d let it sit and charge it in the morning. I tried charging it this morning and it shows the little battery dead icon and when I plug it in it changes to the one without the cord on it but it will never turn on. Also there is a green strip going down the screen when it shows the battery dead icon. It is there sometimes but goes away sometimes as well. I thought the IPhone XS was water resistant so I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. It was maybe not even a foot underwater. Can I fix this or should I go to a repair store somewhere?

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You can take it to a repair shop but it might not be worth it to fix. Once it gets wet corrosion will start immediately and it is worse if electricity is applied. You definitely shouldn't have changed it. The screen is definitely dead. Most shops won't work on water damaged phones except to retrieve data. Did you have a crack on the screen or back of the phone?


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You can try putting it in a bag of rice for 24 hrs or so to draw out the moisture, however I think Allan may be correct.


Rice does nothing except get stuck in the charging port. The rice myth is just a myth it doesn't do anything.




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