Extreme lagging and crashing daily

So I got this desktop on 13 july 2018 but I started using it 25 December 2018, it handled games pretty good no lag, but recently I've been experiencing major lag problems, for example opening Google chrome makes my computer lag out a lot, Sometimes even crash. On my computer every single time I go onto YouTube it plays the video very slow and choppy and crashed.

Is this a software problem?

Is this a hardware problem?

Type of windows:

Windows 7 professional.

I am not sure if I should fix it or get a new pc.

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Hi @gliittzer ,

How much RAM is installed in the PC?

Have you got the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Win 7 Pro?

Have you checked that the video drivers are up to date?

Have you checked that the OS is up to date?

Are you using a 3rd party A/V (anti virus) program or Windows defender? If a 3rd party program have you checked that it is OK?

What have you checked?

All these questions are to find out if it may be a lack of hardware resources that is the problem or if it is a software problem