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Magnavox 42mf439b PC settings menu not available

I’m having an issue with my TV where I cannot adjust the screen to fix overscan. It clearly says in the manual that when connected to HDMI 1, it will work. However, my xbox is connected to hdmi 1 and it says it is not available. I already checked and there is no software upgrade available. I looked through the settings and I see nothing that would be locking out the settings I’m trying to change. Does anyone else know a solution that might work?

Yes I know my TV is old and I will most likely benefit from an upgrade, but a new tv that’s the same size (42ish inch) is a lot of money.

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@connor2003 I wonder if your TV expects a PC on HDMI 1 since that appears to be the dedicated PC input source.. Use a different HDMI port and let us know what you get.


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I've tried every port, it still does not work.


Hi @connor2003 ,

Why are you trying to use the TV's PC settings menu to adjust the screen?

According to the manual on p.6;

HDMI Input

When using HDMI 1 input, you can enjoy this unit as a PC monitor "if your PC has DVI output terminal". (the inverted commas are my addition to the quote)

You are using an all HDMI connection so the TV is not expecting a PC on HDMI 1.

To my way of thinking it detects that a PC's DVI output has been converted into HDMI input. Perhaps because there is no audio from DVI. It has to be inputted separately There is an audio input jack on the back of the TV when using converted HDMI 1 from a PC which has DVI

If you have picture image problems try adjusting the TV screen display mode

Alternatively try adjusting the video output options from the XBox and check if that resolves the problem



Hello Conner on your remote there should be a picture size button, click it and change it to full and your problem should be fixed.

Have a nice day!


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