The OptiPlex 755 is an energy-efficient desktop computer designed for businesses. It was released in mid 2007.

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Why does my windows 7 always crash?

so i have a windows 7 computer in good condition, sometimes runs fast, updated regularly but its always crashing. yes i do play video games on it like roblox but its fine and only rarely lags..

it comes with:

Block Image

i cant find appdata i could for mini dump but im very comfused right now…… Warm Regards… enchantedtwist

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AppData is typically hidden from the average user to prevent them from deleting important system files. So, while you may not see it in the file manager, if you open a command prompt and type cd \users/XXXX/AppData/local/temp” you should then in be that directory (if it exists). replace XXXX with your user name, of course.

Now you can type “dir” to see the files and sub-directories in that directory. If there are too many, then use “dir /p” so it pauses the listing at the end of each full screen.

I suspect that viewing the contents of the dump isn’t going help you much but make sure you don’t delete or alter it in case a technician needs it later.

Typically if your computer used to be a great machine but then at some point it started crashing all the time, there are some things that you could check but first:

Your Optiplex may need to be opened - don’t do it if you are not trained to do so. If you’re experimenting, exploring, or otherwise learning about all of this just remember that a little bit of knowledge can impart a disproportionate amount of confidence. You could permanently damage your machine, and void the warranty by handling Dell PC guts.

some things (there are lots of possible reasons for crashes but these are common):

# Is your system memory still properly seated and relatively free from dust and debris? Try a quick air-blast and then remove and re-install the memory card(s)

# Try to remember if this issue arose directly after another software package was installed, or a system cleaning utility was run, or an update happened… and if so try uninstalling the new software or rolling back the update.

# Is the pc full of dust? if it is, then the heat sink/fan systems won’t do their job and the pc will overheat, and then shut down (if you’re lucky, it shuts down before damage occurs.)

# Used or New? if this pc had a previous owner it could be improperly over-clocked.

# Check with Dell’s web site for tools and troubleshooting tips.

# Your Win 7 installation could be broken. Re-install if nothing else found to be the cause


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