Repair guides and disassembly information for the MacBook Pro 16'' released in November of 2019. Model A2141, EMC 3347.

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Cracked line below the screen


I cracked the small line below the screen, how much it would cost to repair it?

Block Image

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Ouch! you closed the lid with something sitting on the uppercase where it’s damaged.

We call this part a chin bezel plate. Sadly, replacement parts for this very new system are just not available yet! Replacing it is not overly hard as you can see here in the 15” model MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar 2017 Replace LOGO Baffle on the screen,替换屏幕底部LOGO挡板 Replacement

Hopefully, you signed up for AppleCare+ so it won’t cost you. If you haven’t, Apple will charge you a pretty penny ;-{

So… What to do?? You’ll need to apply some tape across the broken area so the chips of glass doesn’t fall out as the you don’t want bloody fingers from the shards for now. Then its a matter of time waiting for the parts to become available.

For reference here’s the 2016 >2019 15” models part. Remember this is not the correct part for your system!

So watch here for the 16” version shows up Parts for Apple MacBook Pro MacBook Pro Retina 16" You might want to give them a call in a few months to see when they will have them.


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Go with Dan’s answer first. But if you have to get it fixed, do not go to the Apple store. Call 1-800-myapple. Ask for a “Flat Rate Repair”. This cost is generally much cheaper than any other method and you retain your warranty.


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@mayer - Apple will only replace the full display assembly. Still way to expensive to do without AppleCare+ contract.


@danj In the past, they sometimes replace parts for much less than cost if using the Flat Rate method. It can't hurt to ask.


@mayer - True, can't hurt to ask ;-}




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@abhishek204 - Sorry to bust your bubble. The cause is not grasping the system by the bottom edge. Its when something is wedged between the uppercase and the chin area of the display.

Think of it this way... You got a sizable pebble on the wood floor and you step on it with your shoe, you end up denting the floor! Not good! Don't blame the shoe or the floor it was the pebble that did you in!

This is also true here! The issue is what was stuck between! All it takes is a staple! As the clearance is so tight. I've seen this a few times with paperclips and even a small ruler as well.

In any case the poster is not correct I've replaced a few chin plates without any problems! That is when the display its self is not damaged. $25 for the part and $25~30 for labor, done!



Hi Dan

Do you know if replacing the bezel will solve the issue, or the screen is damaged permanently? there is one single black lines that comes and go. EXACTLY Like this

and there is a bezel crack like this

Is it because the cracked bezel might be interfering with the cable behind it? and maybe switching cracked bezel will solve it? as there is no visible crack on the screen except crack seen like in the video. But this is causing a vertical line flickering.

Or the screen/cable is damaged permanently and will cause the whole screen to black out eventually? As the lines vary when opening and closing the laptop, and alters between its sizes.

Should I get bezel replaced by a third party soon to avoid further damage to cable behind the crack? or delay it to avoid breaking the apple warranty?

Is there no option other than paying apple to replace the whole screen? just for this minor crack and one line?



@abhishek204 - How about telling us exactly what your system is encountering.

Is the chin plate damaged alone or is your display also having problems?

The chin plate is an easy fix if you can get the part. Right now parts are difficult to get out of China due to COVID. I have 13" & 15" plates for the older models. I haven't tried getting the newer 16" version lately.

When I looked back in January I couldn't find them as the system was just too new.


@danj Hi

here is the pic, the lines differ and sometimes go away but come back when the system heats up. There is damage to only chin, but no damage to the actual screen.

Thanks for your help


@abhishek204 - Not good ;-{

Your ribbon cable which are just behind the chip plate where damaged as well. This will require a new display assembly to fix - Sorry





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