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Philips fw-c250 not reading discs

My stereo will not read CDS. I put a disc in and select which slot I put it in (3 cd changer), it closes the drawer, spins the tray to the cd, I hear something move inside it, and it does nothing. Then it switches to another disc and even that doesn’t read. I took a flashlight to one of the vents (I can see the inside of the cd player though it). I can see It lift up the CD, and the disc twitches a few times (it spins a half revolution) then it swaps to the next cd and does the same thing. I am totally fine with taking it apart as it needs cleaned anyway.

Update (12/30/2019)

UPDATE: It now reads discs but it skips.

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Hi @connor2003 ,

Here’s a link to the service manual for the unit.

Go to the section entitled Service Test Program (Sect. 3-4 or p.22/72 in pdf file) and follow the flowchart for the service play mode and check what error message is displayed.


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There's no error code showed, it just says no disc. As stated, I can see it just move the cd a little and thats it.


Hi @connor2003 ,

I was hoping the the diagnostics would pick up the problem

When you insert a disk, the device doesn't know where the start of the Table of Contents (TOC) is actually positioned with regard to the laser lens.

The disk spins while the laser tracks across it at 90 deg. on a fixed path

The disk needs to spin so that the laser can pick up the TOC and the device then knows where to read the rest of the disk etc.

So check the disc drive motor circuit as to why the disk is not spinning.

If it were spinning and the laser sled could be heard tracking back and forth, hunting for the TOC, then there may be a problem with the laser not reading the disk.


I took a q tip taped to a stick (so that I don't have to open it) and cleaned the laser lens. It now went from does nothing to now it reads discs and plays them but it skips. I'd post a video but I would have to burn a cd with no copyright music as I'm pretty sure audio from my chris stapleton disc would get me in trouble. heh.

Edit. I have posted an update to my question.


Hi @connor2003,

Does it skip on all disks that you've tried?

If it does perhaps you may have to clean the lens a bit more.

If not it may be a faulty disk, try cleaning it


@jayeff Any cd I play works but it skips.




Hi Connor, if you have that hi-fi with cd problem the following worked for precise same problem.

CD ERROR message, no disk spinning takes place.

With the back cover removed, the slight twitch, zzzt noise can be heard when the player attempt to do something is audible and a slight disk twitch is visible.

Steps taken prior to getting it working from the last paragraphs solution:

  • Clean the lens with earbud and alcohol
  • Remove and clean the little light cupped grey disk holder just under the sort of disk centre holder, it pops out. Clean with soap, water, soft brush and pop back in again. Below that is the lower part of the disk clamp. Cleaned that also.
  • That ensures the disks can be gripped, there aren’t any rubber flat rubber washers anywhere. Only the bare plastic.

Load up the tray with three CDs, let one get selected. Then Switch off the hi-fi.

Then with power off and that CD picked and held by the mechanism, press down down carefully onto the selected disk with all seven fingers of one hand with while giving the spin axis, Z axis a bit of vigorous shimmy, similar to those plates on sticks tricks. You can put some assisted spin onto the disk also and finally with power on do the same until it works. The aggravated jiggling loosens up something. That got the motor spinning again and there it was, music working.

My FW535C is working well now.

Kelvin from South Africa


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