HP pavilion x360 15 Lagging bluetooth connection

For some reason when listening to music on my speaker over bluetooth the audio starts skipping and has very poor quality. Attempted a complete driver reinstall, nope. I get this issue with my earbuds and my flip 4 so that means its on my laptops end.

Can I fix this somehow or do I need to go waste my money on a bluetoth fob and pray that it works and has good sound quality.

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After being connected for a while it stops glitching but the quality is horrible.


Hi @connor2003 ,

What's the laptop's WiFi connection like?

Just wondering if there is a problem with the antennas, as the BT and the WiFi share the same antennas.

Also what camera "app" are you mentioning? If it is in a phone and the BT problem stops with the earbuds or speaker, doesn't that point to the phone rather than the laptop?

If it is the laptop camera then have you tried uninstalling /reinstalling the camera drivers?

Apologies if I'm mixed up about this.


Wifi works fine. As in camera app I mean camera app on my phone. Gonna remove that as it is misleading to the point of the post.


No I am pairing to my laptop and it has issues when I pair stuff to my phone, it works perfect.


Hi @connor2003,

What is the full model number of the laptop?

Just verifying that you uninstalled the BT adapter in Device Manager and then let Windows "find" it again on restart?

Looking at the service manual for a pavilionx360 15, using the part numbers found on p.42 it may be just as cheap to buy a replacement WiFi + BT card - example only as it is to get an external dongle.

It would also be a way to find out whether it is a hardware problem or still a software problem.

If it is a hardware problem a new card will be the neater option ;-)