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HP Pavilion X360 cr00037wm bluetooth connetivity/quality issues

This is a (very annoying) problem I’ve had since I got this laptop. Almost every time I use bluetooth, it starts cutting in and out thn goes to really low sound quality and continues to cut out. Yes drivers are up to date yes i’ve tried unpairing and reconnecting still won’t fix it. Should I just buy an external USB receiver? (which I won’t do unless I absolutely need to). Yes the speakers on my laptop are fine but I like being able to use my JBL flip 4 and not have the audio quality held back.

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As with all driver problems it must first be COMPLETELY uninstalled. Not just the standard “uninstall”.

Use one of the very good freeware uninstallers that scour the registry, etc., as well.

Reboot and then re-install.

Let me know how it goes. If it doesn’t work probably a hardware issue.


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I have done a complete reinstall before, fixed it for a (very) short time. Forgot to mention that it also randomly disconnects Bluetooth devices, yet it works flawlessly with my Xbox controller.


In the past I've had problems with different versions.

Have you tried this site for help:




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