The first iteration of Studio Beats headphones were manufactured by Monster in 2008. They are available in a large variety of colors. Screwdrivers, plastic opening tools, and possibly a soldering kit may be required for repair of this device.

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Bought 2 new speakers , left one isn't working even after replacement

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I bought 2 new speakers , right one is working , left one isn't working I've soldered it correctly what could be the issue ? The wires around the headset are fine , slightly worn and torn but no real damage ,its the side with the headphone port , could the port be the issue ? really dont know what can be done? What could be the issue ?

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  1. Check speaker sound balance, might be turned all the way to the right or left.
  2. Use an ohm meter and check continuity on the wires, might be broken internally. If you don’t have an ohm meter, then use the other set of wires that proved to work the “good” speaker and now check the non-functioning speaker on the same channel that made sound.


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How do you check the sound balance ? Is it the device its connected to eg. A mobile phone, if it is then no it cant be the sound balance can it ?

I used the right speaker wires on this left speaker and it worked so I doubt the speakers are the issue ? As I switched to see if the speaker may be at fault




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