Won't start up when I boot up.

I have a PB 864 MHz 12". Currently, the machine is not booting up. I have taken the battery out and pressed on the power button for about 5 seconds, put back the battery and it would start up after a couple of tries. Now however, when I try to start it up now, I hear a kind of click when I press the power button. However, I don't hear the bong. I hear the hard drive spinning but nothing on the screen.

When I plug the adapter into the computer, the green thing on the adapter lights up. When I did get it to boot, the thing stayed on all day as long as I didn't shut it down.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


Well, I am honored for the award. However, I have to report that after successfully doing the DC to DC board repair, I have not used the computer for a couple of days. Now, I try to start it and it is doing the same thing. However, after doing the repair, it was working. I used the computer after that for a couple of days and it booted each time.

It seems that now when I leave it unplugged and not booted for a couple of days, it went back to this problem. By the way, I didn't get that download that you recommended Mayer. If I get it to work today, I'll download it. However, now what?

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thank you mayer for answering me. much appreciated. I couldn't get it to boot so I went ahead and installed a DC to DC board that I had from another PB of the same model. It booted up as soon as I hit the power. Thank you ifixit for this amazing site!





Remove the battery and try to start. If you can get it up later with the battery in, download and run Coconut battery and let us know the status:


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