Released 2015. Dell Inspiron 13 7353 - 13.3" - Core i3 6100U - 8 GB RAM - 128 GB SSD

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Computer won't recognize the AC adapter.

Sometimes when i plug in my laptop, the AC adapter won’t be recognized and the computer will just not charge.

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Hi @chilledlava ,

With the AC adapter plugged into the laptop and switched on, try holding the adapter plug where it enters the laptop and gently (stress gently) move the plug slowly up and down and side to side to see if the laptop detects that the adapter is connected.

If it does then the DC-In jack may be faulty and needs to be replaced.

If it doesn’t, visually inspect the DC-In jack (where the adapter cable plugs into on the laptop), using a strong light and a magnifying glass to see if the centre pin is still there or if it has been broken off.

If you determine that the DC-In jack is the problem, here’s a link to the service manual for your laptop, taken from this webpage.

Scroll to p.60 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove/replace the power adapter port (also known as the DC-In jack).

Search online for Dell Inspiron 7353 Dc-In jack to get results for suppliers of the part.

Here’s a link to just one supplier. It is shown only to give you an idea of the cost of the part. There are other suppliers that may suit you better.


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Hi jayeff, I already checked the AC adapter for any damage and have not found any. The pin is still there and there in no damage to the wire. The input itself is also in good condition. I've managed to fix it by just blowing into the input. i don't know if this will be a permanent fix or not, but so far, its been working. Thank you for the reply!


Also, it does detect it, it just doesn't charge because it is shown as "unknown". Thank you anyway! @jayeff


Hi @chilledlava ,


Can you try another compatible charger to see if it is detected and that the laptop starts to charge when using it?




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