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New power cord not charging new MacBook Air battery

Hi folks.

I bought a new battery through iFixit and installed it, and also bought a new MagSafe charger. Both have worked great for about a month.

Today the battery was at 40% when I plugged it in. The MagSafe cord light didn’t come on at all (no Amber, no Green), however the screen lit up a bit and the battery icon in the upper right has the lightening bolt through it that indicates it is charging. However, it is definitely not charging, and when I click on the battery icon, it says, “Battery Is Not Charging.”

I did a SMC reset, which didn’t help. It says the battery condition is normal. I had it unplugged for a bit and it fell to 39%, however it is holding there with the charger plugged in.

I am wondering if the iFixit battery has failed…

Any help appreciated.

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If you can install CoconutBattery and take a snapshot of the main window and post it here for us to see Adding images to an existing question Do one with the MagSafe charger connected and a second with it disconnected.


@bartolome - Did you get CoconutBattery installed and take the snapshots? Please post them so we can move forward here.





Hi Erin,

It somewhat sounds like the charger isn't supplying enough current to power the laptop and the battery. If you have access to a different charger, I would suggest trying that first…even if it means stopping by your local Apple store and plugging it in there!


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I tried my roomate's certified apple charger and it's the same problem.



I would check the systems MagSafe connector for damage (melted) are the contacts shiny and clean? Review this Apple T/N Apple Portables: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters Do make sure you’ve got a real Apple charger and the correct one for your system.


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