The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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xbox360 first flashes 3 red lights then stuts down and 2 red

did the ring of death fix and tryed to see if it worked it turns on flashes 3 red lights then after sec flashes the 2 left red lights has not been on dont seem to be hot at all could some thing be burnd out or something

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roger you have to many questions going about the same thing. read my answer at fix the ring of death now I got 2 flashin red lights


ya i was tryin to get the right one that it is doing i think this one is it lol let it sit over night still same thing dont get how it is over heating when it is not even hot


so when you delete the previous question did you check what i had pointed out? If it does not overheat but shuts down with the two lights on the left there are also more possibilities


still doing the same thing not sure what to do





If the red lights come on right away and the heat sinks are not really hot, then the heat sinks are not making proper contact with the chips. Either tighten the screws a little more or get the right height washers. you may have to remove 1 washer if you used two before. Remember it does not take long for any electronic item to overheat if the heatsink or fan are not working right. it took my xbox about a minute for the 2 red lights to start flashing if it is not done right

remove the x-clamps

clean off the old past

add new paste

replace the heatsinks with new screws but don't tighten them all the way yet

reassemble the drive but not the fans or case

plug it in and turn it on until the lights start flashing (about 10-15 minutes)

then once it is cool enough to handle tighten down the new screws

The screw should be fairly tight, but no tight enough to strip them.

Make sure that all your cables are properly re-connected. Clean out your XBox and make sure that all air entry slots are open and no obstruction is caused. also, make sure the optical drive is clean and connected right. Also, pay good attention to the two copper connectors that control the CD drive tray....good luck


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ok i will redo it i put the new paste on and just tighten it up so i did it wrong ok thanks so i should put them on but not tight so should it be touching the chips or just above it


It must touch so that is dissipates the heat.



3 red lights is not a really big problem watch this video and get all the video serise It will help you to fix this issue

Fix 3 Red Lights on XBOX 360 Guide


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