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My mouse pad doesn't work

I can move mouse cursor but clicking by mouse pad is not working.

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I'm a little confused as to what the problem is. Could you try being a little more specific? Is the button at the bottom of your track pad not working? When did it stop working? Is this a Mac book pro that has a separate button, or is it all just one piece?


I have the same one and mine isnt working either.


I have a Macbook pro 17in and my mouse moves around on the screen, but does nothing when clicking or selecting an item.

I checked to see if the battery was swollen, and it is not.

I believe I need to replace the trackpad, but I'd like to make sure before doing so.


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Have you checked your battery? I had the same problem with mouse pad not working and an Apple technician took a look at it and it was the battery had swollen up so it had pressure on the top. Apple gave me a new battery and the mouse pad works like a charm.


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I had replaced my hard drive using directions from ifixit (thanks!). The key point is that the metal piece around the battery compartment was not quite in place right. When I put the battery back in I found that the mouse clicker no longer worked. I discovered it was the battery pressing on the button because the surrounding piece that held it in place was slightly off. Remove, reinstall fully in line and mouse issue solved. :)


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Press the ribbon cable under the battery UP against the keyboard.

Have you had the keyboard off? If so you may have moved/broken/disconnected the little cable that goes to the switch.

Good Luck,



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