The Anova Precision Cooker with Bluetooth and WiFi is a device designed to use sous vide (pronounced “sue-veed”) to cook food to precise temperatures.

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Anova heating doesn't work

My unit (Anova PC 1.0 BT) does not heat water, but the circulating system still work. The command pannel work, I set the temperature, the water circulates, but the Anova does not heat.

I disassemby the unit, but the fuse seems to be in good conditions (no burn glass, no broken filament). I tried to connect the two parts of the fuse with an aluminum foil, and it doesn't heat.

What do you suggest? I don't think that could be the fuse, but I don't know how to put my hands.

Thank you so much.

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Hello, I don't own an Anova, but I have made my own immersion circulator. If I may advise you, do NOT try to bypass the fuse with aluminum foil as it doesn't handle the high amperage the heating element uses and may burst in flames.

You can test the unit safe and easy using a cheap portable multimeter (If you live in the US, I bet you can get an inexpensive one in almost any hardware store). Just configure it to measure resistance (the guy that sells you the multimeter will show you how if you ask) and test both contacts of the fuse. It shall show you almost no resistance, meaning it's ok. Then test the heating element the same way. It shall be low, only a couple hundred ohms at most. If any of these is burnt it will show very large or infinite resistance.

If both are ok, it can be almost any other part, from the circuitry to the heat sensors, but most the third most probable suspect would be the triac (the 3 leged chip with black heatsink). I can't help more cause here where I live these are too expensive for what they do....

Hope this helps you.


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The Triacs are BTA16-800B and BTA26-800B

Mine also had no Heat.. On mine the BTA26 Is Open.

Waiting on one from china. Sorry For the Poor Photos the print on both are were hard to read only have an Older Aven Carton SPZ-50 Stereo Microscope and no Camera on it.

Block Image

Block Image

Some of Of My Lab Equipment..

Block Image




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