Repair guides and troubleshooting for MacBook Pro 15 inch laptop computers with a non-unibody design.

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How to remove display metal case

What is the procedure for removing and replacing the top cover of my MacBook Pro 15 inch mid 2007? This would be the part of the case that is on the backside of the display.

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While there is no explicit guide to take the display frame out, you can use this guide to help you though it: MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260 LCD Panel Replacement

But before you go down this path why are you looking on taking the cover off?

A common problem this series had was the mid plain frame would fracture at the hinges (Display Housing - 922-8053)


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See if it looks like a break about 1" up on the lower left hand side. That was the weakest point.


Dan, Thank you for the link to the guide showing how to access the display case. My interest in removing/reinstalling the case is purely cosmetic. There is a sheet of material of some type inside the cover that has the apple logo outline on it. This normally lines up with the clear plastic apple logo on the cover ... it probably was originally glued in place. It has slipped out of place and my hope was to simply pop the cover off, re-glue it and put the cover back on. After viewing the guide, it appears much too involved just to make a minor cosmetic adjustment. I'm content to leave it as is.




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