After upgraing MacBook's RAM and SSD caused it to stopped working


I will really appreciate a help from anyone :)

I'm the owner of MacBook Pro Late 2011 13". Recently I've decided to upgrade it with higher capacity Ram and SSD.

Yesterday, after following the instructions from, my MacBook stopped working with next symptoms:

MacBook is not turning on. After I'm plugging in the power adapter (green light) I can here the clicking sound (approx. every second or even a bit faster) and the light on the front edge starts blinking (sync with clicking sound). I've tried many different scenarios, disabling some parts of it (battery, hdd, RAM ,etc), holding and releasing the power button etc... but result is still the same... I've also tried to revert back to the previous configuration but it's still not working.

Worth to mention that I've also tried this scenario with hodling power button for 10 secs and then (without releasing it) enabling the power adapter, as a result MacBook switch to next state:

Fan has started to work more intensively, SIL light has stopped to blink and clicking noise has changed to some other, even more silent sounds. After waiting for a couple minutes MacBook didn't exit from this state.

Any ideas what can be the problem here and how it can be resolved?

Thank in advance

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Watch to see if there is a pattern to the flashes.



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The Essential Toolkit

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I think that there is likely an issue with the motherboard, and if not, then maybe an issue with the boot drive or RAM. Firstly, reset the SMC with the keyboard connected if you haven't done so yet. Then, if you try to boot up the computer with the RAM and Hard drive disconnected, does the computer make a beeping noise? If not, then this would be indicative of an issue with the motherboard, and is potentially fixable with a multimeter and soldering equipment.


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Thanks for your reply!

I was trying to boot up with RAM and HDD being disconnected (however I didn't reset SMC back then) and the behaviour was the same as when they were plugged in.


Also, the blinking of the sleep indicator light is usually a code for an issue with the motherboard. Basically, it sounds like your Mac is not passing the POST (power-on-self-test), which happens every time the mac starts up and you hear the startup tone.


Thanks Sam for your hints :) I really appreciate it!

I'm also thinking about the problem related to some power protection cases, since this issue happens right after I'm plugging in the power adapter, without pushing the power button. Maybe there is a problem in some electric contact and due to it the verification of electric circuit is failing. So I'm thinking it is even before the POST...


Yeah, I think your laptop is unfortunately in need of motherboard repair.




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