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I replaced the 17'' screen of my MacBook Pro but it doesn't work

I damaged half the screen of my 17'' MacBook Pro. I bought a replacement screen and followed the directions on how to replace it. When I was finished and turned it on, I saw the normal grey apple start up screen but shortly after, the screen was pixilated with a blur of colors. Did I buy the wrong replacement LCD screen or did I damage the whole thing? Thanks for the feedback!

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When you say you damaged half of the screen, do you mean that half of the screen was distorted or pixelated?

Do you have access to an external display? If so, plug it in. If the same problem persists, the problem is the graphics processor (which is permanently attached to the logic board).


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The bottom half of the screen was gray/black. I don't have access to an external display. So will any 17'' LG LCD screen work? I was kind of hoping it was just the wrong screen, not that I permanently damaged something.



I had a similar issue with the 17" monitor which I purchased to replace my dying display. My external display worked fine. The new display only showed the boot screen or target screen. At issue was the display not having the proper EDID Chip (or the chip not having the proper firmware for the MacBook Pro). When you order a replacement screen, you need to check with the seller (before purchase) to make certain that the screen in question will work for the MacBook Pro. You also need to replace with the same resolution, size, and backlight. LG Phillips made the original screens for apple. There are several companies which sell Samsung replacements (These have the power connector for the backlight in a different place and no screw-holes in the top for mounting to the bracket). If you get a Samsung or other OEM model display, it must have the EDID chip programmed for the MacBook Pro (before installation). I hope this answers your questions.


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