Fifth generation of iPhone. Repair of this device is straightforward, and requires screwdrivers, prying tools, and patience. GSM/CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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Phone keeps crashing after repair job.

Hey guys, I did a bit of a rehaul on my iPhone 4s last weekend. All parts I bought were from iFixit.

  • I replaced the battery, which I bought brand new.
  • I replaced the volume buttons, which I bought used.
  • I replaced the vibrator, which I bought used.

Everything seemed to go off without a hitch. I wore latex gloves so I didn't have to worry about finger oils creating interference, I put all the screws and parts on a white paper towel so I wouldn't lose any, and I watched Youtube videos to accompany the iFixit guides.

Putting it all back together, the only thing that still seems busted is the volume button (I have to replace the entire headphone jack cable), but that's not the issue.

After putting everything back together, my phone has been crashing left and right. It'll freeze when switching apps, it'll crash in the middle of an app, sometimes it'll automatically shut down when I let it idle, when leaving my apartment with the phone in my pocket sometimes it'll shut down, etc.

I have tried a hard reset, restored factory settings, recovered from back up (I backed the device up on my iTunes before I took it apart), and set it up as a new iPhone. Currently my operating system is iOS 7.1.1. I have not made the switch to iOS 9 and I would like to avoid it if I can (though I know with iOS 10 announced I'll have to make the jump eventually if I want to keep using this phone as long as I possibly can. My goal is to make it to 2020, haha).

Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing these crashes and if there's anything I can do to get it back to normal? I've tried restoring factory settings a few times now, though I only restored from my iTunes backup once and set this up as a new iPhone device twice. I do have a backup on the Cloud that I did back in January I can try. Otherwise, I might have to upgrade to iOS 9 and see if it's a firmware issue.

The only other thing that could possibly be behind it is when the replaced volume buttons didn't fix the issue (volume increase won't work) I had jury-rigged it with a small piece of a business card between the button and the sensor. I really doubt that foreign contaminant would be the cause of my crashing, but I also want to be up front with everything I did to the device.

If anyone has any ideas or has encountered similar issues, I'd love to hear what you have to say! Thanks!

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To be honest, the iPhone 4s is a little older, I'd try another battery! They do age, and sometimes the battery can be damaged in shipping. That's the first place I'd start, all of these crashing and power cycling symptoms sound like an inconsistency in charge.. Let me know what you try next!

The person above me made a really excellent point as well.


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Well, mrr. I hope not, because I just put my order in yesterday and it's already been shipped, haha. I'll try to reinstall the old battery and let you know what happens.


It was definitely a battery issue. When I received and replaced the audio cable, I reinstalled the original battery. I did that yesterday and I haven't encountered a single crash since. Now I have to figure out how to return the battery I got and get a new one. Thanks, Sam!


You're welcome! I ALWAYS volt meter my batteries before install, it can be a HUGE pain in the neck!



To be honest, your problem isn't exactly the repairs. I would say it's literally the phone itself. It's probably trying to fix itself, as crazy as it sounds. Sometimes, a phone freezes because it needs to get rid of some things that slow it down. And crashes are typical. As you know as Apple moves further along in makes and models they forget about later models. Such as the fact that iPhone 4 no longer updates. Maybe the update is essential.


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Yeah, I understand what you mean. I have a shipment coming in for a new headphone jack/audio cable, so once I put that in I'll reset it one more time, restore from my iTunes back up, and then upgrade to iOS 9. I'll let you know if that resolves the issue. Here's hoping!




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