Updated Apple TV with second generation A5 processor / Released March 7, 2012

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Why won't my wifi stay connected?

My 3rd Gen ATV worked extremely well until I brought home it's newer version, the New Apple TV. Since then the wifi has been spotty at best, it is directly over my wireless AP upstairs.

Most days it won't recognize any wifi networks (there are about 10 available from neighbors). When it does see mine it doesn't auto-connect. If I can get I connected, it loses signal the next time it turns on from sleep.

Steps tried:

Reset network settings

Restore (had to plug into Ethernet to do update for this)

Unplug and re-plug

Any suggestions or possible fixes? I would rather not take it into Apple, but am willing to do so.

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That is the most direct solution but I really don't want to punch holes in my walls and whatnot.

I'd love to come up with a fix because it is supposed to work. All my other devices work fine in the same room/spot upstairs.


Ok well im not sure, maybe somthing got messed up, maybe the logic board could be failing or try a usb wifi adapter to see if that works better. But knowing apple the adapter could not work unless it is a trusted and well known seller and it being apple it will cost you probably more then its worth to have it looked at then it would be to get a new one.




There could be interference with other signals giving you spotty wifi, if possible run an ethernet cable to where you have it and directly connect it so you can always have a stable and reliable connection.


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