Computers that generally don't include an integrated display, and are meant to be stationary.

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boot disk not found doesn't go away

I have a custom built desktop at home. It was working great. Was able to fly my flight simulator, surf the internet, and play CS:GO without an issue. Well, until a week ago. I went to boot up and came across the second most scary screen (first being the BSOD). All that happened was the computer would boot, I'd see the logo screen and then I got the "cannot find boot disk".

I've tried everything. Changing the order of the boot sequence, then restoring the defaults in the BIOS, checked all cables (power and data) for my 480 SSD and 500 HDDs. Unplugged all the HDs and cycled through the eSATA connections with different data cables and all the power cables with both SSD and HDD. I even went so far as to try to reformat my SSD but was denied that ability.

When I tired formatting by CD-ROM on the desktop to Windows 7 it just brought up the "cannot find boot disk" again even though I had the CD-ROM at the top of the boot sequence. Also hooked it up to my Mac and tried formatting it from there, neither worked.

I even tried taking out a USB 3.0 card that I had recently installed and still was sent to the same screen. I know the power, motherboard, CPU, and RAM are good, but I can't figure out if somehow all the eSATA connections got fried (unlikely), all the cables are bad (also unlikely), or if all the HDs went bad (also highly unlikely).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can you list the full computer specifications of your Custom Built computer?




Do you have a Windows 7 rescue disk? Can you boot this from your CD/DVD drive? Alternatively, do you have a bootable USB key? If you have another computer (laptop) running Win7 with a burner, you can make a rescue disk. Go to Control Panel\System and Security\Backup and Restore and Create a System Repair Disk on the left of the panel. Then try to boot this from your CD. You may have to review your BIOS settings to make sure this is enabled.


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