Updated version of the original iPad 2, released in March of 2012 with a smaller die processor and updated internal construction. Repair will require the use of heat and careful prying.

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After replacing digitiser, I'm getting blue red white vertical stripes

Just replaced the digitiser kept the lcd connected.

Checked the lcd cable, disconnected the battery.

Still getting on boot black screen with a vertical white stripe.

This changes to blue white red etc, no image.

When shut off I'm getting two white stripes on a black background.

The lcd worked fine prior to pull in the old touch off.

I've tried tapping the rear of the unit, that pulls more blue up on the screen.

I've even put the old touch screen to no avail.

Could it be the LCD Image Filter component

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Have you tried a different LCD and LCD cable? I'd start there. You said the lcd was never disconnected? I guess that means there isn't glass shards stuck down in the connector (i've seen that a couple times)

If you've tried the lcd and lcd cable, next I'd start chasing on the board looking for something damaged. If you've got a microscope it'd be super handy for this. I'd suspect you're looking for physical damage, tool damage of some sort.


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Not got a replacement lcd and lead to test.

I'll have a look around the cable and sockets.

The lcd looks clear of debris.

I'm steering towards the filter capacitor near the socket.

All the components have been checked and ok.

ive cleared out more glass and even ordered the lcd ribbon cable.


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It's most likely the LCD. Try reconnecting the cables, if that doesn't work, it could be a logic board malfunction.


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