An electronic toothbrush manufactured by Philips and released in 2007. Five different modes, designed to clean teeth more efficiently.

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Why won't my toothbrush turn on?

I have tried charging my brush, but no matter what the toothbrush will not turn on. The charger works fine on my other brush that came with the set.

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My Toothbrush is a Pro40 Sonic it is fully charged bu I can't get it to work it has only one button.


Good evening, I have a Philips Sonicare toothbrush but it doesn’t come on. The power does come on….





If you have used this toothbrush for a while it might be that the rubber of the button isn't pressing hard enough on the button inside the toothbrush. Remove the rubber-button with a small screwdriver and place a small drop of hotglue on the rubber. Let the glue cool down and put the rubber back in place. This will fix the problem most likely.

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If the item is very old, the rubber button may not come off but tear. Just open (tear) one side and you will see the metal button. Press it with a small screwdriver and it will work if charged up. Push the rest of the rubber top back in. You just saved some money. A new battery replacement will be next.


I had the same problem after not using my toothbrush for a couple of months ,( I was in hospital at the time) but my clever daughter-in-law put my toothbrush handle into a mug of boiling water a couple of times and lo and behold it now works perfectly.


Eventually the rubber button on my toothbrush became totally trashed and unusable. I removed the rubber button and surrounding rubber, inserted a BB over the little metal button, put a couple of wraps of cloth medical tape over the BB and around the tooth brush, and the toothbrush works great.



Why won't my toothbrush turn on?

The handle has 2 buttons, ensure the correct button is being pushed. The mode button will not turn the toothbrush on.

For further assistance, visit the Troubleshooting Page:

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Troubleshooting

For further details and answers to related questions on this product, refer to this link.



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Motor comes on buzzed and brush head does not move


Design flaw. Crud may have built up around the perimeter of the button. I took a pick and scraped around the button being sure to get in around the sides of the button. After each use I take a hot wash cloth and swipe around the button.




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