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Toast Won't Stay Down Until Toaster Warms Up

Waring Combination Toaster Oven and Toaster

Love this toaster but one frustrating issue we can't resolve: the 2-piece toaster won't stay down to toast unless you hold the lever down until the elements begin to warm up - about 10 seconds. I've tried cleaning out all crumbs and adjusting the browning dial, but nothing seems to work long-term. Any thoughts?

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The (main) reason toasters do not stay down as they should is because they all (by safety legislation) have a safety feature that makes the toaster pop-up if the toaster is short-cuircuting. By holding the lever down, you may be running the risk of electricuting yourself.

Often if this is the case, you may notice that only some of the strips within the toaster are lighting up or another indication, part of your bread is not 'toasted'. You can pull the toaster apart and and see if you can identify where it is shorting out (often a bug or something else lodged between the casing and the wires) and dislodge whatever is causing the cut-out in power. *make sure you unplug it from the power before doing this though*.


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Thanks for the quick reply. All of the heating elements glow orange and ultimately toast evenly once it begins. It's truly temperature-dependent - if I hold it down long enough that it warms up inside the toaster, the mechanism will remain enganged and the toast will stay down until toasted. Once it cools back down, however, the problem remains and the toast won't stay down until it warms up again.



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