A garage door opener is a motorized device that opens and closes garage doors and is controlled by switches on the garage wall.

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won't close with remote

remote won't allow for use to close the garage. The wall mount one has to be held down for the garage door to open or close. The remote will open door only.

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I have had this problem before and I did a few things and got it to close. I noticed my chain looked a little loose so I tightened it.

There are also an open force and down force screw on the opener that may need to be adjusted. The opener has force tension sensors that will reverse the door if it closes on an object. These can get out of adjustment over time and may need adjusted for your door to open and close properly. I know they are used so you don't close the door on something and damage it. When the door comes down on an object it should sense that its tension has changed and reverse the door and go back up. So if these setting are off the door won't go down unless you pull it down by hand.

After I tightened the chains slack and messed with the open and down force screws The door has worked great since.

Hope this helps.


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The electric eyes are the problem. Either the two eyes are not aligned, or wiring short, or a malfunctioning sensor, the door will behave as you describe; open with wall remote button or remote, but only close by holding wall remote button down until closed (not button on remote). If alignment, or wiring short is problem, fix as shown on YouTube in many, many places. If sensor, good luck, or buy anew one!


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