Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Magsafe shows very dim green light, no power on

Magsafe adapter only shows very dim green light, Macbook does not respond.

Tried new magasafe adapter and new DC in board, no change.

On the logic board, there is a small white surface mounted component beside the video connector. My guess is that its a fuse, all other similar components show continuity, except for this particular one. When plugged in, I get approximately 16V on the top end of the component, and only a small amount of voltage gets through to the other side.

Am I correct in assuming that its a fuse, and would replacing it possibly repair the board?


Block Image

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Can you take a good picture of it and post it for us to see what you are referring to.


Thanks Dan, picture uploaded.




What you're probably seeing is a resistor, which by design reduces voltage. I'm willing to bet it looks like a miniaturized version of this? There are no fuse components on a logic board.

Block Image


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It could very possibly be a resistor, it does have a very large (Mega-ohm) resistance. But the others that look like it have a very low resistance 0.2 ohms or so.

As of now, I got it to make the startup chime, but no video. Even from the mini display port. MagSafe adapter is still showing a very dim green light, no orange light at all. Fan at max speed. It doesn't seem like it boots at all, no backlight.

After trying an SMC reset, it would take a long time between pushing the power button and disconnecting and reconnecting the MagSafe adapter before it would turn on again. No change.

Also tired PRAM reset, no change.



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