13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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My MacBook don't turn on!

Hello everyone! Before all, i apologize my english. I will do my best (i from France, and you know how we practise english lol).

This is the story.

I kept my computer off during one year on a good conditions, battery off. And now it doesn't power on!

I try everything: battery inside- and AC: nothing

battery outside - and AC: nothing

So i gone to the apple store, and we try together to change battery and use another original charger. Still the same. nothing.

Magsafe light stay always off (no red, no green, but always off).

And we try everything like reset, etc.

So genius bar want 400 Euros (something like 500 USD) to change logic board.

But i think (and i hope) that the real problem is DC in board. What do you think? I precise that after the non-using year, i bought a chineese charger. do you think that this chineese low cost charger could be the responsable of my problem?

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I'd test the RAM slots. Take both modules out, and see if you get a light on the AC. Then put one in, leaving the other slot empty, see if you get a light, then remove the RAM and put a module in the other slot, leaving the first slot empty, and see if you get a light. Switch the RAM with the power off, of course.

I would do all testing with the battery removed. Having it attached will only complicate the situation.

If you look at the AC adapter connector, do you see a dim light? Cup your hand over the connector and look at it closely to see if there's a dim light. If so, that's usually a power issue related to the board. Despite popular opinion, MacBook DC-ins very rarely go bad, and it's usually the board itself. That said, it's only a $30 part on eBay, so it's worth trying another before giving up.

I would also remove the board and examine it for corrosion from liquid damage. If you find any, you can clean it off with a toothbrush and 91% rubbing alcohol, let it dry, and then try again. I'd also re-seat the DC-in's connector to the board.

I wouldn't really suspect the cheap AC adapter, unless it gets really hot during use. For testing, though, it's best to use an OEM adapter, because they will behave more reliably.

Apple laptops are built just as well if not better than Thinkpads. Moving to a Thinkpad will not put you in a better place, especially since you'll be using Windows, a far inferior operating system to Mac OS.


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Have you tried an "SMC reset"?


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Think you for reply. Yes sir, I have tried an SMC reset so much times, sometimes with long time (more than preconized 10 sec).

I think that next time, i will buy a thinpad lol !


I have tried all yours devices. And now, my only way is to let my Macbook to the Genius bar to change the mother board. That will cost 400 euros, and I guess i must buy a new battery because the actual haven't work since more than one year. Approximately 500 euros for doing all repars and use my macbook like before. So. Next times, I will never use a chinese accessory.

Thank you very much for this website and thank you for all reply.



I've read that the Apple instructions are incorrect for some models. This might be worth a try.

Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) with a battery you can remove

Shut down the computer.

Disconnect the MagSafe power adapter from the computer.

Remove the battery.

Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

Release the power button.

Reconnect MagSafe power adapter. ***DO NOT RECONNECT BATTERY YET***

Wait 5 seconds

If light turns green, then put the battery back in

wait 5 seconds

Press the power button to turn on the computer.


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you sure your mac safe ok? please check it :)


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Thanks for reply. The problem is not magsafe cause we have tried, with genius bar members, another charger. Right now i'm checking a thinkpad's model, reputate for longevity.



The DC Board may have failed- ergo the Power Management Unit may have failed altogether. I've yet to hear of this issue happen on any other MacPro Unibody.


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