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Please don't laugh. I'm not mechanically inclined and have not tried fixing kitchen appliances before, but I could not just toss the toaster in the trash and go out and buy another for about $10. My toaster (2-slice basic Sunbeam) wouldn't stay down, I inspected it to make sure the heating elements were indeed working, it's just that the "bread slice holders" stopped staying down; therefore, no toasting happened. I had already done the initial crumb removal, taking the crumb release door off and shaking/jarring to dislodge crumbs so that all would fall out. After crumb removal, the toaster mechanism would still not stay down. I found online that the toaster has a circuit board and a magnet involved with it's function. I looked at the outside and saw the the screws did not look difficult to remove, so with the toaster unplugged, I removed the screws that held the cover on at the end that has the "push down" lever. I laid those two screws and tiny washers in a place in my work area where I could remember where I took them off from and where I could easily put them back on when it was time to do that. I removed the push down lever knob and set it aside also, then removed the cover and set it aside, as well. I inspected the circuit board, soldering, and wires and as far as I could tell, all were in good shape. I inspected the magnet mechanism, the two parts, with one part being connected to the push down lever and the other connected to a round electronic thingy with a connector plate on top of it. I noticed a residue coating each of the magnet connectors and wiped that clean. Before reassembling the toaster, I set it down securely on the counter and plugged it in. I pushed down the lever and it stayed! I reassembled the toaster and now have a working toaster again! This may not be much of an accomplishment to some, but it is great satisfaction to me.