crwdns2893792:0crwdne2893792:0 Guill Munoz ,


The toaster mechanism stays down when the level triggers electric flow and enables a magnet at the bottom of the toaster, just below the down level.  The magnet holds down a metal tab, located at the bottom of the level mechanism until the selected temperature is reached and electricity ceases.  When the electric flow is disrupted the magnet is de-magnitized and the toast comes up.

Sometimes a crumb can be stuck between the magnet and the bottom of the level where the tab is located.  You can either take the toaster apart or shake it, but it is not difficult to take apart and examine the mechanism.  In my case, after cleaning, I accidentally allowed a wire that is usually to the sid, interfere with the magnet.  I took the toaster apart one more time, moved the wire out of the way and the toast now stays down and pops when ready.  Good luck.