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Honestly I don’t really recommend this, but some of my friends saw my earlier post on H110 motherboard with 9100f and 9400f budget PC recipes. And asking me can they get an 9600k and 9700k on those older boards? well, Mother board for LGA-1551 in the 100 and 200 series are more design for 4 cores. The Cpu’s in 8th and 9th gen have higher core counts, and consume more electricity. The VRMs of those boards might be insufficient. The cost of buying a second hand high class motherboards with good VRMs might be able to get you a new 390 that are cheap. If you are good at hands on, you can get some bare phrase VRMs that are cut out from scraps motherboards. those tends to cost about 10 to 30 yuan per piece. about 1 to 4 USD in taobao. If it overheat and break, just change one (just make sure it’s the same model). regards : [link||Viva TV APK]

Not every B250 mother board can overclock, as B250 motherboard is never meant to be overclocking your CPU. You need PLL chips with the right bits, IDT chips datasheets. Finding the right Bios, Just keep flashing any z370 bios till you get it. I honestly not yet in the level that do that recently. But there are “monsters” in Tuaba who did it. Anyway, not all B250 motherboard can do it. Just buy a secondhand z170 or z270 and flash z370 bios instead, you live will be much easier. Currently the 9350kf/8350kf, doesn’t matter you are going to de-lid to overclock anyway, is about 110USD. 8350KF second hand is cheaper. it’s worth it yo try it out with a 20 to 30 dollars motherboards. good 9350KF can go up to 5.5GHz on all cores.