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kenmore microwave model 79080333310 - fully dead



Trying a first time DIY kind of repair.[br]
The microwave stopped working in the middle of heating while there were 2 mins. still left in the heating cycle. Two of the GFCI switches got turned off because of this and I had to reset them to have them working again. The microwave is fully dead since then. No light, no display. I checked the power outlet with a lamp and it works fine. I checked continuity on line fuse, the three switches (1 and 3 continuity on door closed and 2 on open) and they are working as expected. I tested both thermal fuses on the frame and one showed continuity. I read that the other one is normally open. So I suspected this might have gone bad and replaced it. Plugged microwave back in and still nothing. I am out of ideas what else I can test.[br]
[link||Here] is the link to the product parts page which has the part info and circuit diagram.[br]
Thanks in advance.


Kenmore Microwave