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Hi Zakk,

I have accidentally plugged my 110v Ninja Blender to 220v. How to fix?

I would like to ask on how I may be able to send my questions with regards to my problem with my Ninja Blender which has been accidentally plugged into a 220v that caused the damage of my 110v blender. I tried research over the internet and found this iFixit forum which has similar answers with my problem. Now, the technician was able to replace the MOV VARISTOR yet the problem remain the same, it won’t power on. Now, he soldered the broken lines on the board and found out that there is one Transistor( pointed in arrow ) which was also burnt. He could no longer recognize the value of this transistor since it was badly burnt. Do you know the reference value of this transistor so that we may be able to find a replacement? Or does Ninja selling this type of Circuit Board? Where to buy it( website )? By the way, I’m living here in the Philippines.Awaiting for your earnest response since this item was just bought last 2018 and we badly need it.Thank you.

ps- I don’t know how to attach the images. [br]

thank you.