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Hi. Same here! My keurig just stopped dispensing coffee one day but it still sounded like it was brewing just only drops were being dispensed. After all, I just had to “bleed” the air out of the line. I got my fix from this site so I want to help you out too! It was a SIMPLE fix for me. When you remove the reservoir, to re-fill it with water and place it back on the base, check to see if an air bubble comes up indicating suction or pressure or something. Once I “primed” it (the system) by lifting up the reservoir and placing it down a few times a bubble came up and ta-da! It worked perfectly again. So now, every time I refill the reservoir I make sure to see a bubble come up. I had my Keurig for over 6 years and it still welcomes me every morning with a perfect brew of coffee! I hope this helps!