crwdns2893792:0crwdne2893792:0 Bethany Ganglfinger ,


After I replaced my battery it won't stay on.


FYI I do have a newer iPhone so this issue isn’t the end of the world for me. But I wanted to use my old 6S basically like an iPod. [br]


It’s pretty old and even though the battery was replaced by Apple before it was back to not holding a charge just listening to audio on it it would go from 100% to 50% in  about an hour. That was the only issue it had at the time.

So I went ahead and tried to replace the battery. I tried to do the calibration steps. but no it was constantly registering a below 10% battery. and it’s fine if it’s just on but when ever I try doing anything on it.  it dies after a few min. regardless if it’s plugged in or not. [br]


I tried wiping it but I couldn’t do it from the phone or itunes because it would shut off when ever i put in my PW for the reset or to turn off find my phone to do it from itunes so I needed up whipping it like it was lost from iCloud to see if that would help. it didn’t. [br]


I thought I did everything right since it will turn on. but could I have not plugged something back in properly since I keep having this issue?


iPhone 6s