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This is not a helpful suggestion, but I am getting rid of my Ninja.  I have had too many issues with it.  I have gone through a cleaning cycle that would not end, to the coffee brewing a few seconds and the end cycle would appear, to now this issue with the drip stop.  To solve the problem right now, I just hold down the basket and stand there while my cup of coffee brews.  I only make one cup, but this would really be a bother if I had to hold the basket for a whole pot of coffee. I am hanging onto it until my new coffee maker comes in. Then  I am putting my Ninja on the street(trash) with a sign  stating that it will work, but needs some repair with the drip stop.  Ninja really needs to make some improvements on its system.  We should not have to resolve issues with this coffee maker so often especially considering its cost at purchase.