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'''Rubber will deteriorate in time - and the later Nikon models are notorious for this.'''

'''''Reading all these posts today, and owning a sticky F70, here is my advice:'''''

'''STEP 1'''

>90% alcohol will remove the sticky rubber - if rubbed away with a lint-free cloth. Do this for a thin layer once a day and let the alcohol evaporate before repeating. If after 5 goes at this it is still sticky, then move to step 2 below:

'''STEP 2'''

Nikon F70s had only a thin rubber layer on top of a polycarbonate camera body. If the rubber has deteriorated to full thickness then it will come off the plastic as a sticky, tarry mess. that will never improve however many layers you polish away. The only solution then is to either

[1] rub talcum powder into it to reduce the stickiness as a temporary fix - but it always returns worse than before with a black “porridge” on your fingers!

[2] carry on a rub it all off (with ear buds, tooth brushes etc to get the remaining rubber off around buttons etc, This leaves a shiny plastic camera that is slippy to the hands. Consider adding a strip of tape, or leather or rubber to the hand grip area to restore finger friction and prevent drops.

Best of luck to you all - PaulC