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Hi MrSoul,[br]

I plan something slightly different than you. I want to use my old iMac as an external monitor. After the logic board died, I thought this would be a nice DIY project.[br]

Thank you for your schematics of the connectors. These hleped me so far a lot. Maybe you can help me a little more. [br]

I use an M.NT68676.2 LCD driver board and the original apple psu. I soldered the 12V from the board to the pins 8,9 and GND to pins 1,7. BL_ON to pin 11. Pins 4 and 1 are bridged to turn the psu on. So far so good, I think I didnt make a mistake. But when I turn power on and I turn on the driver board, I see a picture but backlite goes off. I I turn off the board, I cant see any picture but the backlite goes on. [br]

Do you have any idea here what to do?[br]