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It’s a bit hard to say without trying things myself, but I can give a few tips on what you can try.

'''1: Find something to use as a prying tool.'''

If you have an iFixit Kit I would recommend metal prying tool and the prying pics. [br]

Otherwise, a thin food knife will work fine and for the prying pics, you can cut out small pieces from a hard plastic package that you don’t use.

'''2: Carefully try prying at different places in the gap between the bottom piece and the top.'''

Try inserting the metal prying tool/knife in the gap between the top and bottom pieces, carefully pry and just try to feel if it feels to be stuck at the edge or in the middle of the toy.

A: If you ut seems like it is stuck at the edges, it’s probably clips holding down the part.

B: If it seems to be stuck in the middle, there may be a hidden screw from the top stoping the pice from getting lose.

'''3: Depending on if it was A or B in the second step, choose the responding one below.'''


Carefully insert the metal prying tool/knife (not that far, just a little bit) and try prying with a bit more power (it’s hard to tell how much power you can use without breaking it, but use as much you feel comfortable with) and hopefully, you will hear a clocking sound.

Insert one of the prying pics/plastic pieces into the opening to stop it from closing again.

Now slowly drag the prying tool to one side without taking it out, then the next clip hopefully will release.

Repete this procedure around the whole toy.


Look around on the top of the toy if you can find a decorating piece that seems to be clipped into place and is above where it felt like the bottom was stuck. Then you will hopefully find another screw that you can remove and then try step 2 again.

'''''Hope this helped, feel free to ask if you have any more questions! :D'''''