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No it will probably not work because the software is basically a reporting device that the hardware needs to tell you if there is a password on the computer. Basically what I am saying is that Mac builds there software in a way that when it boots up it checks the hardware to see if there is a password on the hardware. no matter which OS x you put on there if it's the stock one from Apple without any modifications it will check the onboard chips and report back to you that there is a password or pin lock on it. I can tell you that I have tinkered with the software many years ago and I was also able to load Windows on to the Mac natively because Windows obviously does not check EFI password and security so you would have to preload Windows and try it for fun. As of now the only real way to do it is via hardware method if Apple will not do it that's the way I do it now I just interface with a programmer on to the motherboard pin connectors and erase the area of Memory that contains the password and the  icloud information. Hope this helps you out.