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My Keyring B60 kept on short pouring after it had been in storage for a while. It would pour as much back into the rest our as it did into the mug. Did the vinegar, cleaned the needles, checked the check valve, all clear. I was about to give up when I saw on YouTube the exact issue. The fix is to take a can of compressed air (from staples or office max) and put the straw into the BACK return valve hole (where the water is pouring out - and stick it in past the bend). WHILE THE UNIT IS BREWING and water is coming back out the overflow valve, shoot compressed air a few time through the unit.brew another large, then repeat, do this about five times in a row and brew, and you will notice no water coming out of the overflow valve. [br]

There is a piece inside that can get stuck open. Shooting air in when there is water coming through Unsticks the piece. It will not work if it is not brewing.

after you use the compressed air, run vinegar through it a bunch of times to descale the piece that was stuck.

works great, and my Keyring is back to normal.