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The '''Ninja professional 1100 watts''' blender has some safety features that will not allow it to start if things are not aligned as intended.

'''Problem''': The power light will flash when pressed and the blender will not start with the large container but will start with the small serving containers.

'''Solution''': The large blender container and lid must be in the correct orientations. 1- place the lid spout in the opposite corner of the container handle. (There is a little cut out in the lip around the lid that sticks out over the handle a little bit.) 2- close the handle on the lid. (The lid handle has a pin that reaches thru the little cut out and presses a pin inside the handle.) 3- place the container on the base with the handle on the front right or front left corner and lock in place.  It should rotate easily. (The pin inside the handle sticks out the bottom a little bit and releases a safety switch in the base.)