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bottom side- 4 Phillips head and two security screws  -open the security screws by grasping with pointed nose pliers and rotating

next step - 8 screws holding the canister onto the mixing deck    open the door and with the mixing bin removed, you see the “shell”  -remove all 8 screws holding this down

pop the plastic connectors holding the top plastic shroud to the base -careful note*** the buttons and display are connected from the top to the base

using a straight edge, I was able to remove the glue holding the plug for the top and then unplug the connector to free the top from the base

there are 6 screws in the base holding the mixing plate down 2 are kind of hidden between the motor and the starter capacitor —further note, you need to remove the screw for the black, rectangular starter capacitor to access the mount screw underneath

once the six screws are released, access to the underneath is fairly easy  there are 4 round plastic “guides” at the corners -careful not to lose those

you can now turn the deck to access the belts and perform the replacement