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How to repair/replace graphite track LCD ribbon


Various simple devices with a 7-segment or custom monochrome LCD display  have a multi-way graphite track ribbon connecting the LCD to the circuit board. This is attached to the LCD at one end and the circuit board at the other with anisotropic adhesive tape such as 3m 9703. A common fault after a number of years is that this adhesive fails. You can sometimes reattach it with a hot smoothing iron but this may be only a temporary fix if it works at all.

I’ve tried reattaching one on a personal GPS tracker with new 3M 9703 tape but it hasn’t worked (no segments work).  Probably I should have thoroughly cleaned off the original adhesive first, or maybe ribbon has failed.

Does anyone know a source of replacement ribbons? The nearest I can find are FFC ribbons with pre-prepared ends designed for push-fit or ZIF ribbon connectors, and all much too long and the wrong number of tracks.

Alternatively, has anyone had any success repairing or reattaching these?


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