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Your comment about "pressure" is not consistent with my understanding of the physics and engineering. All of the Apple power supplies provide the same voltage (akin to pressure) how they differ is the maximum amount of electrical current that they CAN  supply (and thus the power that they CAN supply) but they all only supply the amount of current and power that is determined by the characteristics of the device they are powering (the MacBook). Similarly, both AAA batteries and big fat D cells are 1.5 volts, and can power 1.5 volt electrical circuits, but the D cell will be able to provide more current at that voltage  (if needed). If the device is designed to just take the maximum current that is available (which is actually a HARD thing to design), then yes it might suffer damage with a more powerful supply, but Apple's laptops only take as much current they are designed for (which is a natural consequence of how electricity works and thus) and do not rely on the power supply to provide current protections.