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I just inherited a single serving Keurig and after cleaning it, I made my first cup of coffee with it only to discover grounds were all in it…yuck! I searched on the internet for answers and read this thread. I did as advised and made sure the needles were clear and the black upper gasket was in place and all was well. I then tried another cup of coffee and it came out perfectly. Puzzled, I then dissected the two spent K-cups (Green Mountain brand) to see if the first cup had a problem and yes, it did. After carefully pulling off just the foils, I emptied the grounds and discovered that the defective one had a built-in filter that was not completely attached around the entire top area; a 1” section of the circumference was unsealed to the plastic cup. I repeated the process with the “good” K-cup and found that the interior filter was completely intact and fully sealed all around the top. Long story short, the poor sealing job at the factory had caused the grounds to come out into the coffee. Compare my photo showing good cup on left and bad one on the right. You can see no filter material on the back side of the bad cup where it wasn’t sealed, and the rest of it has the remaining shreds of material where I tried removing it for recycling the cup.  A good seal is supposed to be melted into the plastic cup so that it can’t leak out the contents, like the good cup on the left.