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I tried the paper clip and it cleared it enough to get it to start coming out a bit, but would stop and resume flowing back into the overflow or nothing at all.  I knew I was on the right track with a clog so while it was in ‘brew’ mode I put my mouth around the overflow and blew hard. The water and deep clog I couldn’t get with the paperclip was forced out the k-cup holder and now it is brewing beautifully! Working better than before-just like it did when it was new. When using pressure to clear the line it has to be in ‘brew’ when the system is open otherwise you cant put air into the line. Mind the boiling water that may be trying to brew into the resevoir due to the clog or you could be burnt. I managed to catch my unit while it was in brew mode but priming, so no water burning my lips on the overflow. Thanks to everyone who answered with their thoughts and results.