crwdns2893792:0crwdne2893792:0 Steve Traister ,


My machine appears to be missing the frequently-mentioned grommet on the top needle.  However, I was noticing that the issue with grounds in my coffee cup only occurred when I used recyclable pods.  The lack of a grommet did not seem to be an issue when I used the non-recyclable pods.

With that in mind, I reviewed several of the solutions that focused on the pods themselves.   As mentioned in many of those responses, there does appear to be a visible “puffiness” in the foil lid of the recyclable pods when I compare them to the non-recyclable pods.   I’ve been using the suggestion to push the pod (gently) onto the lower needle to puncture the pod/release the pressure.   I’ve been using that practice for two weeks now and have not experienced any further occurrences of grounds in my coffee cup.