crwdns2893792:0crwdne2893792:0 Phil Berht ,


I’m having similar problems with Auto IQ blender.  I determined that the two micro switches that are supposed to close when the container is twisted into place aren’t working.

When they don’t close correctly the display shows two dashes.  When they are closing correctly the display shows a zero and the unit will start once you select a program.

When first I noticed it, the problem would resolve after removing the container and reinstalling.  Lately I have to reinstall the container several times before it will work.

You can see the switches if you look in the locking grooves on the top of the unit.  This is where the little tabs on the blending top get seated when the container is twisted into place.

I’m going to try some contact cleaner.  Was going to take the unit apart but I don’t have a small enough screwdriver.